PHOTO RECAP: "Cupid's Playground" with the Colorado Symphony


Cupid touched down at both of the world premiere ballets In Cupid’s Playground with the Colorado Symphony’s all-female String Quartet led by Concertmaster Yumi Hwang-Williams.


The show opened with Company Artist Sarah Tallman’s world premiere ballet, “Read the Signs.” Set to Franz Schubert’s String Quartet No. 13 “Rosamunde,” and outfitted in red and white, it was clear to see love’s lines all over this concept.

Encapsulated within the choreography were a number of striking finger movements hinting at American Sign Language. Tracing the eyes and creating relationships based solely on point of a finger, Cupid and his love-soaked arrows were in full affect.

In Artistic Director Garrett Ammon’s new ballet, “With Your Help,” Beethoven replaces Schubert, for a romp on stage. Giving you moments of laughter followed by a genuine gasp, the pace exceeds the expectations of the genre.

The costumes, which merit their own comment, were inspired by the anatomy of the inner ear. Because Beethoven was nearly mad—and completely deaf—at the time he composed his String Quartet No. 13, Opus 130 (yes, they are both No. 13 but they are such different pieces of music), Ammon connected that layer to the story on stage.