One For Sorrow, Two For Mirth

Like so many Wonderbound productions, there is often a spellbinding story behind the ballet. Our upcoming performance of Artistic Director Garrett Ammon’s original fable Winter with Jesse Manley & His Band has a story that stands the test of time.

Do you know it?

Even our biggest super fans might have missed a detail or few. Which is brings us to this. Including a cache of never-before seen moments from the 2015 Winter rehearsals, everything you need to know about Garrett’s story and even a few things that you didn’t know about the collaboration that changed it all.

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Wonderbound dancers Morgan Sicklick and Amy Giammarrusco in Artistic Director Garrett Ammon’s Winter with Jesse Manley & His Band. Photo by Amanda Tipton, 2018.

Greed turns into jealousy, and the Magpie turns into something even more daunting, tricking the husband and changing their fate forever.

One for Sorrow

On a cold winter evening, a couple is returning home from enjoying a night of festive holiday partying. As they begin to settle in, the wife—shining from head to toe in glittery garb—is spotted by a lonesome Magpie. Magpies, as you may know, are some of the most intelligent animals around, and they are extremely attracted to anything that shines.

Although the couple don’t see the bird, the bird sees them. And before the husband knows it, his lovely wife is being snatched away by the Magpie, and is proudly taken into the forest as a new piece of treasure.

A search ensues, where the husband is faced with more than the frigid winter air. This spellbinding tale travels through time and space and explores the need to be needed—a sensation known by all.

While the husband tries to get his wife back, the Magpie sees the love they share. Greed turns into jealousy, and the Magpie turns into something even more daunting, tricking the husband and changing their fate forever.

Two for Mirth

Garrett Ammon’s frosty tale first premiered in December 2014, giving audiences a wintry-alternative to the standard holiday fare. The performance tantalized ticket holders in a new way—one without restrictions and way more sensory subject matter.

A year later, the stage was again set to the sounds of Jesse Manley & His Band. This time though, the score—originally composed for Winter—had been compiled into an album released under the same name. It seemed for a minute that the power of Wonderbound’s collaborative spirit had been fully realized.

But it didn’t stop there (does it ever?). The stirring show gained more gusto with the help of scent-sommelier Michelle Roark, who delighted audiences with carefully crafted fragrances meant to transport. Paired with poetry—both original and traditional—sonnets and scents wafted through the air. Bits of by Emily Brontë were complemented by traces of clementine, bergamot and nectarine. Garrett Ammon’s adaptation of a traditional English nursery rhyme was paired with fir, peppermint and cinnamon.

It no longer felt like you were just watching a ballet. Instead, it’s been said that the whole experience was one of the most intense immersions into the dreamy world of dance, where even a Magpie moves magically.


All shots are courtesy of Amanda Tipton, unless otherwise noted.