Part 3: The Story Behind The Song

There's been a lot of chatter surrounding the background of Wicked Bayou and the song that started it all: "Old Bayou." The Widow's Bane frontman Gov. Mortimer Leech wrote the song a while back on the Devil's Ship. But who wrote the story that inspired Artistic Director Garrett Ammon to choreograph the ballet?

That would be Clay and Cohen Rose. Clay, the manager of The Widow's Bane, turned to his son Cohen, when it came to nailing down the details. And although many wouldn't rely on the mind of a "six and three-quarters" year old boy, Cohen is a little different. 

He's got big plans for his future (being an inventor), knows just the right amount about magic (because his aunt is a witch) and has some firm words to describe the one and only Governor Leech.

We got to sit down for gelato with the pair to hear all about it, for Part 3 of our Wicked Bayou series.