Snow: A Dark Tale, Part 4


Read Part 3: Norse Legend.

Through Ammon’s deft storytelling, European folklore and Norse myth intertwine when Rose and Victor meet and fall deeply in love. A wedding is quickly arranged and events are set into motion as Fenris has his chance to break the curse. However, audiences will have to come to the show to see whether his twisted motives lead to success or something much more dark.

Although Ammon pulls in fragments of traditional folktales and legends, the anthology itself is an original folktale. Inspired by the common holiday image of a cardinal perched in a juniper tree, Ammon centered the story of Snow on the relationship between the two.

“We ended up creating a whole backstory for why the juniper tree stays green in the winter and why it grows these berries in the winter,” said Ammon. “That the cardinal and the juniper berries are sisters is a kind of fun new twist to these traditional visuals that we have. That’s what I love about these projects.”

“I think always letting other ideas collide with each other is important,” Ammon says, as he went on to praise musician and long-time Wonderbound collaborator, Jesse Manley, for his ability to do just this. Manley has been a key artist in the creation of Winter and Snow. His music casts a beautiful spell of sound around Ammon’s choreography and is a very important part of the tale itself.

“He’s drawing from so many different traditions, teaching himself how to play all these different instruments and musical structures, then creating new music out of it—songs that sound completely new but also like they could have existed for a hundred years. He is a beautiful storyteller as well and his lyrics always add a different perspective for me.”

The tales of Snow and Winter are quickly becoming a holiday tradition for Denver audiences who are already clamoring for the third installment. If you’ve seen both and are wondering how the tale will end, you may have a little bit of a wait. Ammon “[likes] the idea of not being in a rush to make that…giving it space so that it can find a really natural conclusion that will be just as complicated and magical as the first two.”

In the meantime, Wonderbound will continue to cycle through Winter and Snow, bringing audiences a unique Denver experience that engages the senses and lets the city outside melt away as the tales unfold.

PressTori Velasquez