Wonderbound Brings the Universal Language of Dance to Denver

For the contemporary dance company Wonderbound, a typical day may involve helping Denver’s homeless people experience movement in a session at the St. Francis Center. Or they might perform a show with live music from the hip hop and rock band, Flobots. Or they may dance with a group of Denver school children, who are able to walk to their rehearsal space on Park Avenue West.

For Dawn Fay, Wonderbound Producing Director and Vice President, the dance company is uniquely collaborative. The five women and five men dancers even open their rehearsal space for visitors who want to watch creativity in action. “People can see the creative process from the ground up and it creates a very accessible environment,” says Fay, who started the company in 2012 with her husband, Garrett Ammon, Wonderbound President, Artistic Director and Choreographer. “Dance is an art form that is not elitist—it is the universal language.”

One of the few dance companies that uses only live music for its performances, Wonderbound collaborates with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and dozens of other Denver artists and musicians throughout their season.

Community Outreach Is Key

In addition to its work with Denver’s homeless population, Wonderbound has programs that help Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers, and performs for some 24,000 students from 38 schools during the year. Each of these populations is unique and dance speaks to them, Fay says. “It really does go back to that sense of humanity and accessibility and stripping away the pretense,” she says. “Dance is for everybody and that speaks to everything we do and the way we do it. The work Garrett creates is exceptional and unique in the dance world.” Experience Wonderbound at the DBG Spring Luncheon

The Denver Ballet Guild will host Wonderbound at the spring luncheon, 11 a.m.–1:30 p.m., Thursday, April 27, at Cherry Hills Country Club.

Wonderbound’s Artistic Director, Garrett Ammon, will bring two dancers and create an on-the-spot duet, just as if he were in rehearsal, says Fay, adding, “The energy of the group will influence his creation. It’s a really cool experience.”

To attend the luncheon, please send a check for $60 made out to the Denver Ballet Guild to Missy Stolberg, 2112 E. 4th Ave., Denver, CO 80206, by April 19. Or sign up online at denverballetguild.org. For more information on Wonderbound and their upcoming performances, check out their website, wonderbound.com.