Can't Wait: Wonderbound & Flobots Present 'Divisions'


I love me a good live collaboration, especially when it occurs between some of the best artistic endeavors Colorado has to offer. Give yourself a good night out in April and get your tickets to Divisions ASAP! Perhaps it will prove inspiring in addition to wonderfully entertaining in light of the current state of the union:  

"Together, Wonderbound and Flobots will explore the ever-evolving struggles between personal identity, community, individual  freedom and collective power."  

Showtimes are available April 14-April 30 at several Denver Metro area venues and tickets range from $22 to $50.  

Why it should make your Good Livin' Bucket List

With a name like Wonderbound and a tag line of, "If you dream. If you love. If you wonder.," can you help but be intrigued? And don't you boundlessly wonder how contemporary ballet and live hop hop music from the platinum-selling Flobots will come together? I can bet it will be ballet as you've never seen it and will challenge any notions you have of the genre.  

I can also vouch that this will be good because I have seen two of this group's collaborations and fell in love with both. Both experiences were perfect expressions of the vivacious and beautiful creations Wonderbound strives for—those that, "erase boundaries between mediums and engage artists and audiences in candid explorations of the human experience." Check out a brief trailer for Carry On, a collaboration with fabulous local band Paper Bird when Wonderbound was known as Ballet Nouveau Colorado—it's a performance that still remains in my Top 5 list to this day:

BTDubs on Other Local Collaborations to Look Out For

There are lots of other collaborations among local artistic entities that should be enjoyed as they arise, so keep your ears open. For example, the Colorado Symphony has done some beautiful performances with two of my favorites—local band Elephant Revival and local musician Gregory Alan Isakov. Here is a snippet on the reviews of those shows in case you need convincing in the future:

Wonderbound dancers rehearsing with Flobots' Stephen Brackett and Jamie Laurie for Garrett Ammon's Division. Photo by Amanda Tipton. 2017.

Elephant Revival joined forces with the Colorado Symphony and percussionist Darren Garvey on Saturday night for a magical performance. The addition of the Symphony, conducted by Andres Lopera, added a power and depth to the sounds of the Nederland-based group that was beyond beautiful to experience live. Playing to a sold-out theater, the eclectic folk group’s debut at Boettcher Concert Hall was a resounding success which is sure to go down in the books.  - Live for Live Music

P.S. At their November 2016 show with the Colorado Symphony, I got really excited when Elephant Revival mentioned that they would be working on an acrobatic ballet. No mention of the details, but enter Wonderbound perhaps?! One can hope. I'll keep you posted as I track down more details, as I will not be missing that one.

"For those who witnessed Isakov’s band join forces with the Colorado Symphony last Friday, it will likely prove difficult for the time being to un-wed the fantastic classical arrangements from Isakov’s Dylan-esque folk recordings. The alliance proved so natural that it was if we had come to know Isakov’s songs this way all along, yet were still hearing them in this incarnation for the very first time, an attestation to the magic of Mr. Isakov’s craft." - Colorado Public Radio

Another local band that is no stranger to these kinds of boundary erasing collaborations is DeVotchKa. One of their most widely hailed was their re-arrangement and live performance of the Sweeney Todd score during its run at the Denver Center for Performing Arts in 2016.

From the moment the first pounding rhythms of the drums echo through the Stage Theater, it’s clear the audience is in for a special treat. Stephen Sondheim’s classic orchestrations are taken for a gypsy-punk spin in the Denver Center Theatre Company’s production of Sweeney Todd thanks to Denver’s hometown music heroes, DeVotchKa. The result is the brilliant mash-up of a classic musical with a newer, more robust and modern sound...Truly Sweeney Todd is a stunner. - AXS

Please comment with any other local collaborations people should know about.  Stay real my friends!