Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at Denver Art Museum's Interactive Exhibit, #dancelab; Opening 7/10

What do the Wonderbound dancers and audiences across Denver have in common? They will all be dancing side by side in the Denver Art Museum's newest exhibit #dancelab this July. Created in collaboration by Wonderbound (led by Garrett Ammon) and Legwork Studio (led by Matt FaJohn), this interactive movement installation is part of Dance! - DAM's campus wide summer celebration of creative expression through movement. Check out a sneak peek below!

"The execution will have a bit of magic to it. We want to create elements of wonder and surprise, but mostly we want people to have fun with it." said Matt FaJohn, Executive Director, Legwork Studio "The museum is a place for contemplation, and art evokes all types of emotion. Hopefully #dancelab will be a place within the museum where people can get out of their comfort zone and kind of cut loose."

Choreographed specifically for the exhibit by Ammon and the Wonderbound dancers, the installation utilizes motion detection technology and a special interactive program written by the Legwork team. All participants will view their movements projected in a large format alongside the Wonderbound dancers, resulting in a collective dance experience.

"From the beginning of this project, we wanted it to express Wonderbound's core values by embracing dance's roots as a truly social artform." said Garrett Ammon, Artistic Director, Wonderbound "Legwork Studio's passion for using technology as a tool for connecting people in genuine ways have made them the perfect partner for #dancelab."

Utilizing the immense talents of local artists is central to Wonderbound's artistic mission, in line with that, the music for the installation will be a conglomeration of music by Denver's top musicians and bands.

#dancelab opens July 10 and will run through October 2 in the Martin and McCormick gallery at the Denver Art Museum. For exclusive photo and interview opportunities contact Amber Blais at 303.292.4700 or

Photo Credit: Amanda Tipton

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tn-500_rockballetsapproved267 (1)