Behind the Seams with New Costume Designer Anaya Cullen


Wonderbound is excited to be working with Costume Designer Anaya Cullen for our 2016-2017 season and can't wait to see the incredible works she creates for our upcoming productions. Each week, Anaya has agreed to give us a peek into the goings on in the costume shop with photos, costume secrets, musings and more. Ready? Let's go behind the seams! As the music and sounds of rehearsal paint the background with the dedication, artistry and commitment and passion for the work it takes to mount a season, I’m settling into the costume shop, organizing supplies, sorting thread (I love to sort by color and sub genre of type), inventorying supplies, placing orders for notions, narrow fabrics, shoes and generally getting things set to bring Gothic Folktale and the season to life with flow in the shop! Delighted to be here breathing in the dance and artistry at the studio.

I always look forward to my initial measurement taking sessions with the dancers. The measurements themselves are vital for the season and as a highly visual and kinesthetic person I find measurements to be a great time to interact with the dancers, begin to get know them individually, and to learn a bit about the unique topography of their bodies. As a designer I find it helpful to begin building an internal visual catalogue, if you will, of each dancer I will design for so that I am prepared to make design choices that flatter each dancer’s uniquely beautiful shape.

As Dawn said so perfectly today, ‘we’re getting physical!” And that’s great.

Behind the SeamsAnaya Cullen