Rock Ballets—The DNA of Wonderbound

Rock Ballets is an undeniable Denver classic—a ballet that introduced the world to Wonderbound before Wonderbound even existed. Ranking up there with Carry On and Boomtown, Rock Ballets burst onto stages in 2008 and gave audiences a taste of the special DNA that would develop into the company we are today—rooted in classical dance yet hell-bent on exploring the boundaries of our medium.

This short film introduces you to a few of the talented artists behind Rock Ballets 2016—a brand new production featuring a world premiere by Sarah Tallman and live music by a supergroup comprised of Chimney Choir and Ian Cooke Band. Here's to pushing boundaries for years to come!

Music Performed by a Combined supergroup of Chimney Choir and Ian Cooke Band "Oh You Pretty Things" by David Bowie "Unbroken Sky" by Chimney Choir and Ian Cooke Band "Space Oddity" by David Bowie

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