The Projections of Winter

When Garrett asked me to provide visual projections for Wonderbound’s Winter performance last year I was immediately on board. Producing a multi sensory show inside an intimate environment like Junction Box is exactly the type of challenge I’m interested in as an artist. My challenge was to create a seamless bridge between my own vision as a digital motion artist and the spacial choreography so beautifully rendered by the dancers.

The question was: How does a 2-dimensional projected image interface with a 3-dimensional performance space?

When I create films and motion graphics, the results are always viewed on a flat screen. However for this project I knew that the real performance would be happening beyond the plane of a screen and inside the volumetric space of the stage. I realized that this fundamental difference was not a hinderance, but rather provided unique opportunity.

We conceived of two main applications for video motion within the Winter production. First, we realized that the flat plane of the projection screen could provide environmental backdrops—replacing the need for traditional wood-and-paint stage construction. Second, we understood that the projectors could provide abstract lighting and visuals to accompany the performance.

I think that the balance that we struck between “virtual sets” and atmospheric content was completely effective. Sometimes we put you “in a place.” Other times, we want to remove you from the space altogether and transport you into a space of dreams and hallucinations. I invite everyone to come out to see Winter and experience the performance in full effect!

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