Hidden Constellation: Grasping Kabbalah


In collaboration with Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe, Wonderbound delves into the ancient wisdom that is Kabbalah in Hidden Constellation: a journey through the realms of emanation, creation, formation, and action. Though it has endured hundreds of years, many are unfamiliar with the teachings of Kabbalah. Kabbalah itself is a mystical Jewish tradition that exists for the purpose of understanding and connecting with God. It reveals the intricacies of life, the universe, and infinity... No big deal. Kabbalah teaches that we live in four “worlds,” the four stages of God’s exudation of the cosmos. The first act of Hidden Constellation illustrates each one; emanation conveys the spiritual or metaphysical realization of the universe, creation the conceptual, formation the preparatory, and action the physical. These four olamos are artistically interpreted in Hal Aqua’s music and Garrett Ammon’s choreography.

To truly understand Kabbalah, one needs a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge. It is a very complex and esoteric subject that few are privy to and even fewer understand. Nonetheless, Kabbalistic ideas can be appreciated by all, and Wonderbound’s Hidden Constellation brings art and imagination to this fascinating tradition.

UncategorizedElena Gutierrez