Behind the Seams with Rachael Kras: 'Marie'

Rachael Kras has been with Wonderbound since 2011, speaking through fabric in the same way that dancers speak through movement. For our upcoming show, Marie, her role as a storyteller is especially important. Designing a world inspired by Marie Antoinette is no simple task. Not only will Rachael be evoking one of history's most opulent courts, but she will be doing so through dream-like memories of its final Queen. The designs can best be described as an anachronistic 17th Century baroque fever dream.

When explaining the challenges of adapting the era’s constrictive fashions to our production Rachael said, "I've spent a lot of time translating 17th century elements into the costumes while still allowing for the technical requirements of contemporary ballet...three foot hairstyles and six foot panniers (giant hip extensions for women) simply wouldn’t work.”

Fortunately for Wonderbound, Rachael has never let us down. Rather, each show is met with the collective sound of hundreds of jaws hitting the floor in amazement at her work. Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be checking in with our costume designer to bring you in on her artistic process in a series we're calling "Behind the Seams."

This week was all about preparation. After numerous meetings with Wonderbound Artistic Director, Garrett Ammon, Rachael began ordering fabric, shopping for accessories and designing main pieces. Click on the photo above to explore a gallery of the week's work.

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