Setting the Stage for 'Marie'


Wonderbound’s first meeting of 2015 plunged us into the visuals of our upcoming show, MarieGarrett AmmonEleanor MoriartySeth Walter and Rachael Kras spent the production meeting hashing through vision and discovering how best to create settings that tell the social, political and romantic story of the last Queen of France.

Crafting the world of Marie Antoinette is a delicate balance between the historical and the contemporary. On one hand, our production team and the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado will invite audiences into the world of French monarchy on the eve of revolution. Yet on the other, we’ll communicate the emotional story through unabashedly contemporary art. Over the course of the discussion everyone shared photos, anecdotes and videos of inspiration.

Whatever the end result of our planning, audiences are sure to discover humor, passion, disappointment and triumph delivered in the emotional poignancy characteristic of Ammon’s work. Check out a few examples or inspiration below.

Controversial 1783 portrait of the Queen

The royal bedchamber at Versailles

Palace of Versailles

The Beheading of Marie

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