Winter is Coming...Experience the Smells of the Season


Winter promises to be a multi-sensory experience and one of the most unique pieces of the evening features scents created by Michelle Roark of Phia Lab.

Photo by Amber Blais.
Photo by Amber Blais.

Artistic Director Garrett Ammon and I met with Michelle several times as the story of Winter (a brand new tale created by Garrett) took shape. Michelle, Olympic freestyle skier and chemical engineer, took inspiration from those conversations to create five unique scents that promise to draw audiences into the story of Winter.

Wondering how scent can draw you into a scene? Think back to the last time you visited a cocktail bar. What did it smell like? A little bit of cognac and tobacco perhaps? What about oak, smoke and cranberry? Combine those with plum and cherry and you'll have Speakeasy—Michelle's concoction inspired by the Winter scene of a raucous holiday party.

We can't wait to share these unique oil blends with you!

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