Colorado Gives Day is December 9th


At Wonderbound we feel overwhelmingly grateful for our robust community that supports and informs our art. By your actions, we are able to create new productions, engage our neighborhood, collaborate with other artists and expand community programs. Yet what if your support could go further simply by donating on one special day? Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. It takes place on December 9th. “Colorado Gives Day is a fantastic vehicle for increasing awareness of philanthropy as well as actual giving,” explains Wonderbound Producing Director Dawn Fay. “We are very fortunate to be in a city that truly believes in the arts, and we are truly grateful for the generosity of all who support what we do.”

What makes us especially excited about Colorado Gives Day is its unprecedented $1 Million Incentive Fund. One of the largest in the country, the fund has increased by 300 percent from last year and will be distributed to organizations based upon the level of support they receive on December 9th. Why is this so exciting for you? Basically, it’s a way to amplify your endorsement of Wonderbound simply by acting on December 9th.

Click here to join us as we stand for the power of art to connect and enrich our city. We can’t wait to share this opportunity with you!

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