WINTER is coming... SEE how it will tantalize your senses.


Now is your chance to SEE how Wonderbound's Winter will surprise and delight you! Artistic Director Garrett Ammon is creating a brand new world premiere piece set to the music of Jesse Manley. Those who have seen Garrett's choreography will agree that it is fast paced journey through the human experience, and has a way of distilling a broad range of emotions into every movement. Photo by Steve Peterson

In addition to the performance by the Wonderbound Hares, you will also be treated to the incredible projection mapping illusions of Denver’s Kristopher Collins, the architect of digital spectaculars for major acts including the Black Eyed Peas. Not sure what we mean by projection mapping? If you made it to the Wonderbound Hare Ball, you may remember the moment when the entire wall was transformed, seeming to warp and collapse. This visually enticing method will blow your mind transport you to another world where Winter rules and anything can happen.

Love the videos? They were created by our very own Sam Pike. Catch them on the DPAC big screens until December 10!

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