Photo Gallery: Sketching at the Speed of Dance


“If you like to study working bodies,” Caster explains, “dancers are great.” The class, now in its second year, is called The Dancer in Motion/ Wonderbound Collaboration and involves 15 students spending five Saturdays at the company's rehearsal studio. After reviewing technique with Caster, students grab materials and head into the studio. Pencils fly in an attempt to keep up with the quick moves of Wonderbound company artists. “These guys move so fast, it’s really memory drawing.” Caster comments. Indeed, it seems as though each student has developed their own personal method of keeping pace.

“It's difficult,” explains Richard Rodriguez. "You can't just get the whole figure. You have to pair it down to the bits and pieces." Another student, Karen Roberts, compares the practice to an unexpected pastime. "It's honestly like how kids play video games. I get brain memory going by taking snapshots with my mind."

The class concludes on October 11th but–with a waiting list of ASLD members eager to join–it looks like sketching at Junction Box is here to stay.

Wonderbound rehearsals are free and open to the public. If you would like to visit and discover the creative process of our company artists for yourself, please contact to learn about rehearsal schedules.

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