Wonderbound Artistic Director Garrett Ammon To Bring Work to National Stage


This October, Garrett Ammon’s “Serenade for Strings” will open in Denver featuring musicians of the Colorado Symphony and premiere on the West Coast with Smuin Ballet. DENVER (July 30, 2014) - Denver’s Wonderbound is gaining national attention this October as Artistic Director Garrett Ammon’s “Serenade for Strings” premieres with San Francisco’s Smuin Ballet. In addition, the work will be a part of Wonderbound’s season opening production of “Enduring Grace” with musicians of the Colorado Symphony. “Enduring Grace” also features a world premiere work by Company Artist Sarah Tallman.

Ammon’s playful “Serenade for Strings,” set to Tchaikovsky’s stately work by the same name, caused ripples in the dance community as it was the first time a choreographer had set a piece to the full score since George Balanchine. The premiere of the work in 2013 received rave reviews and led to a request for Ammon to stage the ballet on Smuin.

“From the moment I saw 'Serenade for Strings' in rehearsal, I was captivated by what Garrett created to a score that is so familiar to ballet audiences the world over. How bold to tackle this music!” said Celia Fushille, Artistic Director of Smuin Ballet. “In ‘Serenade,’ Garrett’s profound musicality and the organic partnering of his choreography are blended with a fresh sense of whimsy. My immediate reaction was that this was the piece Smuin needed to do! We are delighted to work with him and honored that Smuin Ballet will give this beautiful work its West Coast premiere.”

“‘Serenade for Strings’ holds a special place in my heart, being the first new work I created for the professional company after we transformed into Wonderbound,” said Ammon. “For me it carries all of the possibility and wonder of those first moments in our new Denver home. When Celia asked to add ‘Serenade’ to Smuin Ballet’s repertoire, I was honored. We have had the pleasure of knowing Celia and Smuin’s beautiful dancers for several years, so I am excited to explore that relationship in this new way.”

In Denver, “Serenade for Strings” will be accompanied by a brand new work by Sarah Tallman set to Edvard Grieg’s Holberg Suite which features five movements based on eighteenth century dance forms. Tallman’s piece is inspired by the art of 20th century surrealists.

“I’m so excited and grateful to be premiering a brand new work for our season opener with musicians of the Colorado Symphony. Surrealist art, juxtaposed with the gorgeous Grieg composition has sparked my curiosity, and I can’t wait to explore the subconscious, dream like aspects of our minds and their joyous complexities.” “Enduring Grace” will be accompanied by live music by musicians of the Colorado Symphony and performed October 18 through October 26.

“Enduring Grace” will be preceded by a limited seating Teaser at the Wonderbound Studio at Junction Box on September 25, allowing audiences an intimate taste of what the full length performance will hold. As always, the public is encouraged to experience the performers, not only at the official shows throughout the season, but in their rehearsal space in the heart of Denver. Visitors are asked to call to confirm rehearsal schedules.

For exclusive photo and interview opportunities with Artistic Director Garrett Ammon, or any of the collaborating artists as well as an invitation to observe Wonderbound in rehearsal, contact Amber Blais at 303.292.4700 or ablais@wonderbound.com

Download the Full Enduring Grace Press Release (PDF)