Radio Dances: 'The Most of It' by Wonderbound


"The Most of It" is choreographed by Garrett Ammon, Artistic Director of Wonderbound, and Wonderbound dance artists Amanda Copple and Brandon Freeman. Copple and Freeman perform the dance. The musical selection is titled "A Reasonable Life," and is composed and performed by Denver musician Ian Cooke. 

Artist Statement

I have always found a close connection between dance and writing, often using writing analogies to talk about phrasing, emphasis and texture during the choreographic process with the Wonderbound dancers. With "The Most of It," we are creating a short work that gives voice to movement and movement to the voice.
Amanda Copple and Brandon Freeman perform this short duet together as a "verbal pas de deux," where the movement is fully replaced by words and sound. Musician Ian Cooke plays an instrumental version of his song "A Reasonable Life."

Listen to the audio here

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