Bit By The 'Love' Bug

Wonderbound is going to bite you! It will nip and pierce taking you on Love’s journey through whimsy, chaos and giddiness. Pulling on your heartstrings, Wonderbound’s dancers accompanied by Confluence String Quartet, Heidi Leathwood on piano and the words of poet, Michael J. Henry take you on a multi-sensory journey.

The teaser performance on Tuesday, January 28 at the Junction Box, Wonderbound’s studio, proved to be not enough. It was like the first date where your fingers just brush across and each phone call or conversation subsequent gives you stomach butterflies—you want date number two. You want to attend Love on February 14 at the Pinnacle Charter School. You want to take a date, a friend, a group friends. It will be the place to go.

Garrett Ammon, Artistic Director and showcased artist, Sarah Tallman have taken the interplay of body, sound and word to view relationships without judgment. In Tallman’s Intimate Letters, the dancers interface exhaustion, fury and silent struggles creating a palpable dialogue of love anguish. This was all gleamed from a few minutes of the first movement, who knows how it develops in the full piece!

“Her skin/ is the same soft meadow /I love to wonder.”

Imagine the contentment and fulfillment of oneness—when the other consumes and feeds. This is the interchange shown in the excerpt from "When the Power Goes Out."

"For the Love of Pete" creates a whimsical courtship with a transfer of traditional expectations or as Garrett said, “a delicious raucous romp.”

Leave the dinner reservations for another night. Surprise your mate, partner or life-long companion. Take him or her to see Love in action while you celebrate Valentine’s. Go see what Denver claims as its dance troupe, go see Love by Wonderbound.

If for some reason, you are unavailable to view this beauty of sound/word movement, Wonderbound opens its space to the public during rehearsal. The industrial living room of creativity, Junction Box, offers visitors couches and chairs for watching as well as an intimate glimpse into the process of production—what it really takes to put on a collaborative performance. The energy and magical sense of community within Wonderbound is different. It is like the community owns the troupe as much as it owns itself. Disrupt your normal reality and take part in creative place-making. Take part in dance—make your community move!


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