Dancers’ Lives Off Stage


English National Ballet dancer Anjuli Hudson loves traveling and exploring London on her time off and even aspires to someday be a DJ. Wonderbound dancer Danny Ryan cherishes his time fly-fishing in Denver to “take a load off.” And Suzanne Farrell Ballet Soloist Violeta Angelova enjoys fashion, photography, writing and drawing. So what do these three (and many more!) dancers have in common? They all recognize the importance of life outside the dance studio and seek it out in their spare time. Dance can be very time-consuming, with classes, rehearsals, performances and body maintenance, not to mention time to eat and sleep. Many dancers, however, as focused on dance as they can be during studio and stage time, have outside interests. These hobbies or activities allow them to unwind after a grueling day, de-stress after a long rehearsal and, perhaps, keep them grounded and well-rounded as people...

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