Ballet Nouveau Colorado Concludes Season with Perpetual Beauty Featuring The Colorado Symphony

Photo by Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Garrett Ammon, and Wonderbound. 2014. 

Photo by Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Garrett Ammon, and Wonderbound. 2014. 

Continuing a groundbreaking season of all live music, Ballet Nouveau Colorado (BNC, soon to be Wonderbound) will join the Colorado Symphony for the final melodic performance as Ballet Nouveau Colorado. The show will celebrate 11 seasons of wonder and beauty as BNC transitions into their new role as Wonderbound in Denver. Featuring the innovative choreography of Garrett Ammon, and a handpicked ensemble of musicians performing a beautiful dichotomy of music by two composers; Acclaimed Israeli composer Ofer Ben-Amots and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Perpetual Beauty is not to be missed.

“I could not imagine a better way to close out our first season of all live music,” said Artistic Director Garrett Ammon. “Working with the Colorado Symphony's musicians this past January was a sheer pleasure and we are delighted to be sharing the stage with them again. We are also looking forward to exploring Tchaikovsky's iconic "Serenade for Strings" with our dancers and to be revisiting Ofer Ben-Amots' "From Darkness to Light" with a world premiere arrangement. This performance promises to delight music and dance lovers alike as we celebrate the beauty of our shared humanity.”

This musically diverse production ranges from Ofer Ben-Amots score, "From Darkness to Light," combining eastern European Jewish folk themes with an uplifting modern dynamic; to Tchaikovsky’s stately, “Serenade for Strings” which includes two Russian folk tunes in its lyrical and sweeping melodies. Tying both together will be Artistic Director Garrett Ammon’s inspired choreography reviving “From Darkness to Light,” which first premiered in the January 2013 collaboration, "A Journey of the Human Spirit"; and bringing new life to Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s well-known work.

“I am overjoyed about the continued collaboration with choreographer Garrett Ammon and BNC. The upcoming new version of “From Darkness to Light” offers a few changes that will create an intimate and more personal ambience,” said Ofer Ben-Amots , composer and professor at Colorado College School of Music. “For me, the collaboration with Garrett and BNC has been one of the most meaningful, creative, and fruitful activities in recent years. Every idea has led to another new exciting idea, and I am very much looking forward to more such collaborative projects in the future.”

Anthony Pierce, Vice President of Artistic Administration, adds, “BNC’s commitment to a full season danced to live music is remarkable and we are proud to be part of it. With Perpetual Beauty, we have a chance to show off the gorgeous melodies of Tchaikovsky’s "String Serenade", as well as a special collaboration on a new piece with local composer Ofer Ben-Amots featuring clarinet and guitar solos in a virtuosic and moving combination.”

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